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27880Party and Show at Orion June 21st

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  • progluvr
    Jun 16, 2013

      Friday Night, June 21st, 8:00pm


      Orion Studios

      2903 Whittington Ave., Baltimore, MD 21230


      It’s a special Welcome Back Par-Tay for Paul and Debbie Sears!

      featuring a performance by


      Thee Maximalists


      Paul Sears (drums and implausible stories)

      Keith Macksoud (brother of the low tones)

      Dave Newhouse (clarinets and saxes and keys, oh my!))

      Elliott Levin: (flute, sax, words of wisdom and folly)

      and ??????



      Paul and Debbie Sears are making a pilgrimage back to the east coast next week and will be in “The Land of Pleasant Living” this coming Friday, June 21st.  Many of you are aware that this weekend marks a rather somber occasion for Paul and Debbie, as well as for all of us who knew Paul’s son, Niall Coti-Sears.  This Friday would have been Niall’s 24th birthday.  June 23rd will mark the first anniversary of Niall’s ultimate sacrifice for our nation while serving in the US Marines in Afghanistan.   So to celebrate the memory of Niall the Sears have decided what better way than to invite all their Bawlimer friends down to the studio for a cathartic explosion of cacophony compliments of Thee Maximalists!  While the official show time is set for 8:00pm “Orion Time” we’ll be at the studio from about 4:00pm on.  It’s a Friday afternoon/evening so we’re going to open it up early for those who want to drop by after work and catch up with tales of the city in the desert from Paul and Deb.  At some point if there is enough interest we’ll likely order a bunch of pizzas for dinner.  The ‘fridge will be stocked as usual, and the weather is supposed to be excellent.  This really is a party as much as it is a show.  There will be a $10 donation requested to defray the costs of getting Elliot and Keith down from Philadelphia and New York.  www.orionsound.com for directions.    My note (from Deb Sears): This is a party/celebration of Niall and a chance to see some friends, though anyone is welcome and if you can't afford $10.00 donation, anything will help just to help pay some of the transportation costs for Keith and Elliot.  Thank you!


      I really hope you’re able to make it!  Like I said, festivities will commence around 4:00pm, maximal noise at 8pm. 


      All ages show


      Chairs welcome


      Finally, while I don’t have any shows currently scheduled before September there are a few show announcements about to be made regarding the fall series, so stay tuned!




      Mike Potter

      Orion Studios