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  • stevesly@aol.com
    Oct 2, 2010
      Piazza is actually (in my opinion at least) one of the great all time blues harmonica players.  I has been in the music biz since the 60's and still puts on one hell of a live show.  His wife Honey Piazza is an incredible boogie woogie style piano player.  I would stack her up against many of the great prog keyboardists.  The rest of The Mighty Flyers band are all killer musicians too.  If you like blues at all and these guys come to your town you should check them out. 
      As for Cheap Trick, yea I understand what you are saying about the album.  I agree it is not up with their best work, but I still like it quite a bit.  The self titled 1999 album was their last great one IMO.
      Steve Sly

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      Odd that he named himself aftar a pizza, but at least he's
      a Flyers fan.

      > 1136. CHEAP TRICK â€" THE LATEST â€" 2009
      > The songs, though short, are mostly good with the rockers
      > “Sick Man Of Europe”, and “California Girl”, especially
      > sticking out. Cheap Trick fans should enjoy this album and I
      > would rate it a solid four stars.

      I dunno, I bought that one when it came out last year and put
      it on the crappy little MP3 player that I use when I do yard
      work, so I've heard it several times and the album just refuses
      to grab me. "Sick Man of Europe" is indeed the standout track,
      and I wasn't surprised when I read somewhere that it was written
      decades ago, before the band was even called Cheap Trick ("Sick
      Man of Europe" was the band's original name). The other track
      that I kind of like, "Miss Tomorrow", is apparently something
      that Zander wrote for his solo album and didn't use.

      I think Cheap Trick ran out of steam shortly after that second
      self-titled album and has been coasting pretty much since around
      2000. At least as far as studio albums go. They still seem to
      put on a pretty good live show.

      -- Bob

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