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  • biceeichler
    Sep 15, 2010
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      Has anyone else heard of the Distinguished Panel of Experts
      "Trans-indulgent" CD? The band is a "supergroup" comprised
      of Mike Sary and Chris Vincent from French TV, Shawn Persinger
      from Boud Deun and Guy LeBlanc from Nathan Mahl. I had heard
      rumors a couple years ago that they were working together, but
      I didn't know they had released a CD until I saw it on
      Persinger's merchandise table at the Orion show last weekend.

      It's a good disc, but it's kind of over-the-top. It reminds
      me of the Liquid Tension Experiment albums a bit, only not as
      heavy and metallic. Shawn Persinger, being the kind of guy he
      is, told me flat-out that he didn't like the album. But I
      bought it anyway.

      BTW, the Orion show was great. Persinger played in a new
      version of his band Prester John, this time as a duet with a
      mandolin player. Good stuff. They encored with "21st Century
      Schitzoid Man", which was...interesting. It was good to see
      Jack Dupon again too, now that I've had some time to digest
      their CD.

      -- Bob
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