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26496Re: [ProgAndOther] Re: pc software to digitize a collection

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  • Noah Lesgold
    Jan 2, 2010
      On Sat, 2 Jan 2010, bony wrote:

      > Who of Hackett, Wetton, Chester Thompson, Ian McDonald, and Julian
      > Colbeck could be said to have been an "occasional member" of Yes?
      > colbeck (abwh)

      I'd argue that's not the same thing, but at least it's sort of a link.

      Noah Lesgold nlesgold@... AIM: nlesgold

      "When dealing with railroading DM's, never waste skill points on the
      tracking skill. If it's part of the plot, you'll find it no matter what
      you roll. If it's not part of the plot, then it doesn't exist anyway."
      --Shamus Young
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