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25124Re: [ProgAndOther] Distinguished Panel of Experts

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  • stevesly@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2008
      I don' t have a clue and have nothing about this project other than what you have posted here.

      Steve Sly
      ProgDay 2008

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      From: biceeichler <eichler2@...>
      To: ProgAndOther@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 9:43 pm
      Subject: [ProgAndOther] Distinguished Panel of Experts

      Has anyone heard anything about a prog "supergroup" called
      Distinguished Panel of Experts? I had some time to kill at the end
      of the workday today, so I was browsing some prog-rock related web
      sites and I stumbled on an entry in the GEPR (Gibraltar Encyclopedia
      of Prog Rock) for this band. The entry is from June of last year,
      and doesn't list any albums, which makes me wonder if it wasn't just
      a pipe dream.

      The band supposedly features Shawn Persinger of Boud Deun on guitar
      (they had me right there, but wait, there's more...), the rhythm
      section of French TV (Mike Sary on bass and Chris Vincent on drums)
      and Guy LeBlanc of Nathan Mahl on keys (!) Man, I'd give my right
      arm to hear that band. Or at least $15 for a CD.

      I'm just curious if anyone else had heard anything about this. I
      used to be on Persinger's mailing list (when I switched to Comcast I
      forgot to sign back up under my new account), but this was the first
      I've heard about this band. If this is for real, they'd make a great
      band for ProgDay, IMHO.

      http://www.gepr. net/di.html# DPANELOFEXPERTS

      -- Bob

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