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24806Re: Morglbl up on Trader's Den (maybe)

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  • biceeichler
    Oct 3, 2007
      --- In ProgAndOther@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Marone" <bony618@...>
      > hey bob,
      > i just got home from work and am just now listening to your morglbl
      > very nice indeed!
      > i gotta say, when i saw that you recorded it on a handheld cassette
      w/ internal mics, i was a little skeptical...but it actually sounds
      quite good.

      Yeah, that tape recorder belongs to a guy I used to work with.
      He loaned it to me a few years ago to record the preshow because
      I didn't want to mess with setting up my own microphones. I wasn't
      expecting decent sound quality at all, and was very surprised when
      the show ended up sounding pretty good. In fact, I sent a copy to
      Smokin' Granny (since they were one of the bands), and the bass
      player wanted to put it up on their website as an "official
      bootleg". Don't know if he ever did.

      > a bit of (expected) compression on the loud bits, but very clear
      and defined.
      > and you say the storybook recordings (w/ external mics) sound even

      Oh yeah, much better. Out at Storybook I actually set up a couple
      fairly decent microphones and try to find a spot as close to the
      soundboard as I can get. Try the Oblivion Sun set I just put up
      and see what you think.

      > thanks for sharing

      I'm the kind of person that just loves to spread my audience
      recordings around, so this bit torrent thing is perfect for me.

      -- Bob
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