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24795Re: Morglbl up on Trader's Den (maybe)

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  • biceeichler
    Oct 2, 2007
      --- In ProgAndOther@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Marone" <bony618@...>

      >(making sure to point it at the folder containing the flac
      > files).

      BINGO!!! That's the part I was screwing up. I was paranoid
      that if I opend the .torrent file and pointed it at the
      directory where my original files were, that they would get
      overlaid somehow. I was trying to open the torrent and
      point it a an empty folder, assuming that the files would
      get copied over and seeded from there. D'oh.

      Anyway, it seems like it's all ready to go - it's in
      "seeding" mode and I've got a green upload arrow. Give it
      a try and see if it will work this time.

      -- Bob
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