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  • Scott Storey
    Jun 2, 2006
      Arti&Mestieri I’ll have to dig it off the shelf to get you the details. It is Arti+Mestieri and it has just a few tracks. I want to think that the disc is somewhere between 30-40 minutes long. IIRC, this disc was sold only during their appearance at ProgDay. To me, the material on there is as good as anything on Tilt.

      -np – chris squire – fish out of water

      On 6/1/06 9:20 PM, "Bob Eichler" <eichler@...> wrote:

      In the last digest, "Scott Storey" scott.d.storey@... wrote:

      >On 5/30/06 7:59 PM, "biceeichler" <eichler@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Arti+Mestieri, Tilt - wow, I forgot how good this album is.
      >I completely agree. If you can get your hands on
      >the Progday Special disc, you’re bound to enjoy
      >it as well. I got mine from Sean McFee”

      What's the ProgDay Special disc?   I have a vague memory of one of
      the recent ProgDay bands putting out a live CD of their performance,
      but I had heard that the sound quality wasn't very good.  Was it
      Arti+Mestieri?  Or am I thinking of a different band?

         -- Bob

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