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23025Genesis Reunion

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  • pete
    Oct 1, 2005
      I got this post from the mellotron list;I know we've all heard it before but just maybe?

      Is a Genesis reunion in the works? Former guitarist Steve Hackett says it is indeed. Hackett, who was in the band in from 1971 to 1977, told us that overtures are being made about getting the progressive rock group back together at some point: "There's something afoot. There's a move afoot to put us together again. At some point there's a reformation mooted. It's rare that I get a call from Genesis management, very rare these days. So maybe something will happen, you know."

      Hackett said the reunion would include original singer Peter Gabriel, drummer-vocalist Phil Collins, guitarist-bassist Mike Rutherford, and keyboardist Tony Banks. Nothing specific has been arranged yet, however.

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