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22415Re: [ProgAndOther] Re:Knight Area (was Proto-Kaw)

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  • stevesly@aol.com
    Apr 4, 2005
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      Rick wrote:
      >>-I picked up the Blackfield disc a couple of weeks ago and IMHO its as
      good as any Porcupine Tree disc; the melancholic air, similar to
      Opeth's Damnation, with the beautiful and spacious arrangements, has
      really captivated me. I might have to check out some of Aviv Geffen's
      work- can anyone make a recommendation?<<
      Blackfield is definitely recommended for people who like Porcupine Tree.  I am not familiar with any of Geffen's other material.  I have read that he is a fairly well known star in his home country of Israel and that his stuff is rather pop oriented.
      Steve Sly
      Progday XI
      (NP - Frogg Cafe - Frogg Cafe)

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