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  • stevesly@aol.com
    Mar 31, 2005
      Rick wrote:
      >>Knowing that this group began as an off-shoot of Kansas group, it's
      true (as opposed to vinyl?) confessions time. I was a prog-snob in
      the '70s, of the opinion that it it wasn't English, it wasn't my cup of
      prog-tea. I dismissed Kansas, owing perhaps also to the over-exposure
      of their radio hits. When the remasters came, I picked up Leftoverture,
      then the King Biscuit disc, and enjoyed both, but left it at that. I
      passed on the Proto-Kaw archival disc but with Nearfest approaching,
      picked up the new(er) release. I know it's been said before, but...WOW!
      After three listens, I'm blown away. I played the last track
      (theophany) repeatedly in the car and look forward to not only many
      repeated listenings but their appearance at Nearfest! Hope to see many
      of you there!<<
      Yea, "Before Became After" is a great disc and I am really looking forward to seeing them as well.  You should also give some more Kansas a chance, they have a lot of great material out there.  My wife and I will both be at NEARfest.
      Steve Sly
      Progday 2005
      (NP - Knight Area - The Sun Also Rises)
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