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22281Re: [ProgAndOther] New Mars Volta

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  • barnestoneworth
    Mar 2, 2005
      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Greg Hall

      Like Bob, I dropped by Circuit City on my way home from work last night, but
      found that my local Circuit City is out of business. Fortunately, there was
      a Best Buy just down the road selling it for $6.99.

      I can see why a lot of people would like this CD. It is very fresh sounding
      and is unlike anything I've heard before. In my eyes, it is clearly
      progressive rock even though MV is labeled as an Alternative band.
      Unfortunately, I have a very hard time digesting the singer who has a
      somewhat whiney voice and likes to wail, moan, and weap on top of some great
      instrumental work. Let's hope that the singer becomes less grating once I
      get used to him, because there is an awful lot to like.



      Hey Greg,

      It was the vocals that initially put me off their first album-I disliked
      them so much I couldn't even begin to digest anything else that was going
      on. I played it the once, and thought it would never darken my CD player
      again..Then I kept hearing about how good an albnum it was from people whose
      opinions I know and trust and gave it another chance, and it absolutely
      floored me... I even got to enjoy the vocals too-ok, he overdoes the
      sreaming a bit at times, but it all seems to fit-Sounds like Robert Plant on
      helium to me when he goes off on one!! I've had this new one is rather
      crappy mp3 format since Christmas and absolutely love it to bits-not got the
      official release yet, but it's on order.



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