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20023Re: [ProgAndOther] living colour

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  • Michael Ostrich
    Mar 2, 2004

      > > Considering I'm a huge Devin Townsend fan and I simply love that
      > > of Natural Science?
      > As a Rush fan, the Devin Townsend cover of Natural Science was one of
      > the low points of the Working Man tribute. If I was Devin performing
      > that song in front of Geddy Lee, I would have been embarrassed.

      I've noticed that if you "get" Devin, you'll love his version.
      Otherwise, it'll make you want to riot in the streets. No biggie. I think
      it's great. Others won't. :)

      Best Regards,

      Michael Ostrich, MCP
      ProgScape Entertainment
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