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1Radio Free Kansas

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  • noneotherthanbob
    Sep 1, 1998
      Hi Everyone,

      As this is my 1st post to this new list, I wanted to provide a newly found
      site dedicated to all types of music including *prog* that is listenable
      over the Internet via Real Audio player. It has nothing to do w/ the band
      KANSAS, just happens to be out of a station in Kansas I think. I just tried
      it for the 1st time today & I had a small problem w/ buffering which may be
      on my end. Check it out, you may find some interesting things in the *prog*
      The original message that I received is posted below as to where the url is
      located @!............

      Cranium Music has recently sponsored an internet radio show on "KANSAS
      FREE RADIO" The broadcast is in Real Audio and goes for approx 90
      minutes. Steve Taafe is the DJ and owner of KANSAS FREE RADIO. In
      Show 17 he features tracks from our own Cranium label releases (Moby
      Trip and Datura) as well as other New Zealand and Australian prog and
      psychedelic bands. You can tune into RADIO FREE KANSAS at:
      Kansas Free Radio also features other progressive, psychedelic & rock
      shows. So if you are having trouble hearing the music we all like, here
      is your chance to tune into a radio show that plays decent sounds.


      Take care & have a great day!

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