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19104Re: album length

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  • Jerry Harkey
    Oct 1 5:46 AM
      Jeff wrote:
      > I've often wondered why many artists insist on filling a CD, or even
      > releasing double CDs (*cough* Flower Kings *cough*), if all of the
      > material isn't top notch. Granted, maybe they feel that they can't
      > tighten things up any more, but 75 minutes (and in some cases, 130
      > minutes) is a lot of music to pack onto a disc, especially if there
      > only 50 minutes of quality stuff in there.
      > Looking through my collection, pretty much all of my favorite CDs
      > in the 40-60 minute range, with a few clocking in at under 40. And,
      > for the record, a good many of my favorites have been released in
      > 15 years, thus negating the old "time restraints of vinyl" argument

      And I've often wondered what length the classics - 'Supper's
      Ready', 'Close to the Edge', 'Tarkus' - would have wound up had CD
      media been available then. Composition and editing no doubt
      influenced those tracks due to the "time restraints of vinyl".

      Imagine 'Tales from Topographic Oceans': four songs, four CDs, 300
      minutes. Whew.

      Imagine 70 minutes of 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida'. No thanks.

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