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18491Re: [ProgAndOther] Re: Some thoughts on NEARFest '03

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  • Noah Lesgold
    Jul 1, 2003
      On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, biceeichler wrote:

      > One thing I forgot to mention in my long, rambling post - the light
      > show. It was impressive, but personally I'd rather watch the bands
      > than the lights. It seemed like during quiet parts the lights were
      > often too low to see much on stage, and during upbeat sections the
      > lights were usually going crazy to the point where they were
      > distracting from the music. Not to mention the times the lights were
      > shining directly out into the audience's eyes, making it impossible to
      > watch the bands. Note to whoever was running the lights: Make it
      > bright enough to see the bands, but other than that have yourself a
      > beer and relax.

      I pretty much agree. Camel's set was actually the biggest offender in
      this regard, constantly shining the spots in the eyes of the audience.
      I did think they did a good job during Anglagard's set, though, where
      they did go pretty nuts during the crazier bits, but in a way that I
      thought emphasized rather than distracting from what they were doing.

      That said, the set where the lights made me the happiest was Magma's,
      where they basically just lit up the stage, hit the Magma signal, and
      let the music speak for itself.

      I also wanted to say, I think the sound was excellent for almost all the
      bands. Tunnels was kind of so-so, though, with the vibes too low during
      the early part of their set. Anglagard's sound was fantastic, as was
      Camel's. Glass Hammer could have used a better mix - particularly at
      the end with the chorus, it was hard to make them out.

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      of them liked Genesis." --Bill Bruford
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