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  • Storey, Scott
    Dec 4, 2002
      I'm a pretty big fan of the OT guys and have a bunch of their stuff. I tend
      to agree (ever so slightly) that their music has a "same-ness" quality to
      it. I guess that doesn't bother me.

      If I had to recommend a single disc, I would suggest Erpland. Its one of
      their earlier ones and tends to be fairly divergent from track to track.
      Pungent Effulgent and Jurassic Shift come in 2nd and 3rd for me. There are
      some discs that have solid color with a black drawing. These are from the
      OOP box set (Ethereal Cereal if I remember right). They contain material
      from the 80's. There's a slight reggae feel to those discs.

      They haven't broken much new ground since the mid 90s, but I did enjoy the
      Waterfall Cities disc better that the couple before it. They've got a new
      live one, Live at the Pongmaster's Ball. It has some of their older material
      on it, but most of the tracks are from their recent discs.

      db (who is somewhat settled in Houston and finally has time to read P&O)

      np- gary moore - scars (good one if you like Gary, and/or electric guitar
      oriented blues)

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      The only album I have by them is "Jurassic Shift" and to be honest it really
      does not do much for me. They are very fine musicians, but it did not
      compell me to go out and pick up any more of their stuff.

      Steve Sly
      (NP - Peter Gabriel - 3)
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