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  • biceeichler
    Dec 2, 2002
      --- In ProgAndOther@y..., "all4rains" <all4rains@m...> wrote:
      > I'm curious what everyone here has to say about Ozric Tentacles...
      > I just discovered this wonderful band (got a CDR of a live show of
      > theirs), & I'm very curious about these guys. I've heard of them
      > for some time, but never really knew what to expect from them.
      > They're sort of a great mix of instrumental space/metal/psych-
      > fusion that rocks! What CDs of theirs can anybody recommend? I
      > gotta' hear more from these guys.....

      The first Ozrics CD I bought was _Jurassic Shift_ (knew nothing
      about the band, just thought the cover looked interesting) and
      it's probably still my favorite. The 2-disc _Afterswish_ set
      is a good collection of their early stuff. _Waterfall Cities_
      is my favorite of their more recent CDs. BTW, I only own five
      of their albums, but I've borrowed the rest from a co-worker
      who's a big Ozrics fan - IMHO, you really only need a few of
      their albums. They're all good, but they tend to be very similar.
      Maybe get _Afterswish_, plus one album from the early/mid-90s and
      one recent one. Then if you really want more, there's plenty to
      choose from.

      I'd love to see one of the prog fests get Ozric Tentacles to play
      (preferrably NEARFest or ProgDay, so I can go see it).

      Oh yeah, if you haven't already heard Gong's Teapot trilogy, get
      that and see where the Ozrics got their inspiration.

      -- Bob "Bice" Eichler
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