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16065Re: [ProgAndOther] So, how was NEARFest?

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  • Jeff Oaster
    Jul 1, 2002
      got home last night Bice. First off, the big news.


      As for the festival, my enjoyment of it was dampened for a number of

      a) With my wife being due any day now, I can waiting for the cell to go off
      and then having to sprint home. It limited how much I could enjoy things
      b) My MP3 player was stolen/lost and not returned to me on Saturday, thus
      making me generally crabby
      c) Two of the big-name bands (Nektar and Caravan) were totally unfamiliar to
      me. Caravan was very disappointing, actually. I left after the first hour.

      Other than that, I enjoyed myself.Hackett was awesome, La Torre d'ell
      Alchemista was impressive. Miriodor put on a phenomenal set. The bassist for
      Spaced Out is absolutely insane. Echolyn just reeked of pompous
      self-indulgent prog-snobbery (a string trio, flute, clarinet, two
      percussionists and a second guitarist rounded out their lineup when
      performing their new album) and put on an incredible set. Their original
      bassist even came out for a song.

      As a whole, I'd say very enjoyable. I just wish I didn't have a couple of

      By the way, Rob and Chad earn major points for the Magma announcement.
      Before the announcement was made, the PA was playing Marillion. When R + C
      walked out, they said, "The first band for next year beings with an "M",
      they're second letter is "A"" Chad then announced that he would read their
      press release, but remarked, "I should have looked at this first - It's
      written in Kobaian." The stunned crowd was either silent or ecstatic. (I was
      firmly in the ecstatic camp. I wore my Magma shirt on Saturday and received
      a number of "nice shirt" comments.)

      That's all for now, as I now have to go search for a new MP3 player, unpack,
      and pick up my daughter.

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      > I know half the attendees probably aren't even home yet,
      > but since I won't be able to do my usual overly-long,
      > overly-opinionated review, who's going to step up and
      > fill the void and tell us all about NEARFest? :-)
      > -- Bob "Bice" Eichler
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