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157Re: Radio Free Kansas

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  • Bob Eichler / Michele Matthews
    Oct 12, 1998
      AllGdPple@... wrote:
      >Yes, there should be a "more info" button on the message when you receive it
      >from Real Audio, click on it and it's possible that you need a software
      >which takes about 3 minutes and then the problem should be rectified.

      That was it. I had RealAudioG2, but you need RealAudioG2 Beta 2 to get
      it to work.

      Neat site, although the RealAudio sound quality is a little dodgy and
      the songs keep getting disrupted by buffering. I'm listening to show 1
      - I'd like to be able to jump to the Ozric Tentacles song, since I've
      heard Close to the Edge hundreds of times and it's 20 minutes long. But
      when I slide the little knob that indicates how much of the program has
      played, the whole thing locks up on me. I'll have to try it again on
      off-peak hours, if I get a chance.

      -- Bob "Bice" Eichler
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