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15645Re: The Red Masque - NEW ALBUM - due June 1, 2002

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  • theredmasque
    May 2, 2002
      Hi jeff. Yes, we only have three songs. But the album is 45 minutes
      long. ANd one of the songs is 24 minutes. so, not really an EP
      anymore. And Present's High Infidelity is awesome. I don't care if it
      only has three songs on it. Likewise Universe Zero's "Heresy" only
      has three songs on it and is also great. Not that there is any
      correlation between three song albums and greatness ;) But for the
      purpose of selling our Cds.... YES. THERE IS A CORRELATION! ;) j/k

      Yes, we'll be at NEAR Fest. At the magus booth actually. I did some
      vocal work on Andrew Robinson's new album, and our concert harpist
      also did some work on his new album, so we'll be at his booth and
      bringing along our new cd as well.

      Congratulations on the new baby! Boy or girl? What's the first prog
      song you'll be playing for him/her when they are old enough to start
      appreciating music? Congrats again! :D


      --- In ProgAndOther@y..., "Jeff Oaster" <jeffoaster@m...> wrote:
      > Three songs. Is that it?!? I recall a certain singer from a certain
      Philadelphia-area avant-proggy type band expressing some trepidation
      about buying an album (Present's "High Infidelity" IIRC) because it
      only had three songs. 8^)
      > Actually as someone who really loves the EP, I'm looking forward to
      this new release. One question: As I am now saving my pennies for a
      NearFest spending spree (an to a lesser extent, my second child due
      to arrive a few weeks after NF), will the band be hanging around
      NearFest selling "Victoria and the Haruspex?" If not, I'm sure some
      of the friendly vendors will have it.
      > cheers
      > jeff
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      > From: theredmasque
      > Sent: Wednesday, May 01, 2002 12:20 PM
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      > Subject: [ProgAndOther] The Red Masque - NEW ALBUM - due June 1,
      > The Red Masque's New Album - Victoria and the Haruspex - due June
      > 2002
      > Greetings from avant rock band The Red Masque. We have several
      > announcements to make (including a new album, shows with
      > Gorilla Museum and a new prog festival), so strap yourself in and
      > cuddle up with Cthulhu!
      > NEW ALBUM
      > A funny thing happened on the way to the recording studio to make
      > new EP: The Red Masque made a new full-length album instead. The
      > titled Victoria and The Haruspex will be available June 1 at the
      > Philadelphia Underground Music & Culture Festival. The show will
      > feature Land of Chocolate, The Red Masque, Persephone's Dream, and
      > Church of Hed (featuring members of Quarkspace). See
      > www.theredmasque.com/pumc.htm for advance ticket sales, T-shirt
      > information, and more on the PUMC. The new album will be available
      > online at BigBalloonMusic.com and other online vendors TBA. Get
      more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download :
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