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15638Re: [ProgAndOther] The Red Masque - NEW ALBUM - due June 1, 2002

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  • Jeff Oaster
    May 1, 2002
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      Three songs. Is that it?!? I recall a certain singer from a certain Philadelphia-area avant-proggy type band expressing some trepidation about buying an album (Present's "High Infidelity" IIRC) because it only had three songs. 8^)
      Actually as someone who really loves the EP, I'm looking forward to this new release. One question: As I am now saving my pennies for a NearFest spending spree (an to a lesser extent, my second child due to arrive a few weeks after NF), will the band be hanging around NearFest selling "Victoria and the Haruspex?" If not, I'm sure some of the friendly vendors will have it.
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      Subject: [ProgAndOther] The Red Masque - NEW ALBUM - due June 1, 2002
      The Red Masque's New Album - Victoria and the Haruspex - due June 1,

      Greetings from avant rock band The Red Masque. We have several major
      announcements to make (including a new album, shows with Sleepytime
      Gorilla Museum and a new prog festival), so strap yourself in and
      cuddle up with Cthulhu!

      A funny thing happened on the way to the recording studio to make a
      new EP: The Red Masque made a new full-length album instead. The CD,
      titled Victoria and The Haruspex will be available June 1 at the
      Philadelphia Underground Music & Culture Festival. The show will
      feature Land of Chocolate, The Red Masque, Persephone's Dream, and
      Church of Hed (featuring members of Quarkspace). See
      www.theredmasque.com/pumc.htm for advance ticket sales, T-shirt
      information, and more on the PUMC. The new album will be available
      online at BigBalloonMusic.com and other online vendors TBA.

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