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15123Re: [ProgAndOther] Nektar LPs or CDs?

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  • Rob McMonigal
    Mar 1 2:21 AM
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      >Subject: [ProgAndOther] Nektar LPs or CDs?
      >Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 16:40:34 -0300
      >I know this has been discussed before, apologies for that.
      >I would like to buy some Nektar albums (starting with "A tab in the
      >Ocean"). I have read before that the CD versions are awful, that two entire
      >channels were left off when transferring the master quadraphonic recording
      >to CD, etc. Does anyone know is this is true? Should I try to get an LP and
      >transfer it to CDR myself or is there any decent recording on CD available?

      I believe they are working on remasters to coincide with their NEARfest
      reunion show. If you can wait that long (I'm not sure how soon you wanted to
      buy them), I would say hold off for the new CDs. Otherwise, get the LPs--as
      you heard, the current CDs have sucky sound.


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