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  • Roy DeRousse
    Oct 1, 2001
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      I am really enjoying the Sonus Umbra CD that I got from CD baby. I can hear
      bits of the Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Rush, etc. in it, but they're not a


      Sonus Umbra is one of those bands donating all of their money to the Red Cross
      relief fund. Here are some reviews:

      The Progressive Pages:

      "A handful of words come to mind when thinking of the music on this album:
      bright, dynamic, brilliant, vibrant, enthralling. The acoustic guitar passages,
      a mix of different styles but with a definite Spanish/flamenco influence, are
      easily the best I've ever heard on a prog rock album."
      Matt (DTJesus1@...)
      January 30, 2001

      ProgressiveWorld.net :

      "The band's music is built on a moody, brooding intensity. Analog keys form the
      backbone, with a lot of acoustic and classical guitar adding the colour. At
      times I'm reminded of the more atmospheric German bands from the 70s, combined
      with some of the solemn textures of Timothy Pure (AKA early Pink Floyd). The
      melodies and song writing is absolutely superb, with a soft, yet melancholy
      Gothic tone throughout."
      Richard Zywotkiewicz
      November 26, 2000

      CD Baby's main prog page is at:


      CD Baby also has an acoustic guitar player who I like very much, Francis


      Check him out!

      Roy DeRousse
      relayer@... (Please use this, not the yahoo.com address. Thanks!)

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