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124ProgDay '99 poll

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  • Bob Eichler / Michele Matthews
    Oct 1, 1998
      In case anyone hasn't seen this yet, ProgDay organizer Peter Renfro
      is looking for input on who to invite to next year's ProgDay. Here's
      the post he sent to rec.music.progressive:

      Dear Proglodites,

      Now that the dust is beginning to settle from ProgDay '98, my thoughts
      are already turning towards ProgDay '99. While I have a few ideas of
      bands that I'd like to see, I thought I'd put together a little
      informal poll to get a feel for what people would like to see at the
      next show. You do not have to be a past attendee in order to
      reply...nor need you have firm plans for attending the show in '99 (in
      other words, just participate in the damn poll!). Deadline for
      submitting is Sunday, October 11, 1998.

      This message will be posted to alt.music.progressive &
      rec.music.progressive. Feel free to copy and/or forward it to any
      relevant mailing list. Thanks! --Peter

      ProgDay '99 Feedback Poll
      (please submit responses to <prognerd@...>)

      1. Repeat Band. ProgDay has had a long tradition of featuring
      high-caliber bands, and inevitably one or more of them are invited
      back to perform. In 1999 there are plans to limit the number of
      performing bands to 4 on a given day; therefore, it is very likely
      that only *one* repeat band will be featured next year. Please
      choose *one* band from any of the previous years.

      My choice for a repeat band is:

      2. Under the following catagories, list 3 bands that you'd most like
      to see at ProgDay in the order of preference (the first one being the
      one you're most interested in seeing).

      a. Neo-Prog

      b. Symphonic Prog

      c. Fusion Prog

      d Prog Metal

      e. RIO

      f. Space Rock

      3. Other. List any bands that you think should be featured at
      ProgDay '99, but you didn't feel fit any of the above catagories:

      4. Should ProgDay move indoors or remain at Storybook Farm?

      5. For those who have attended ProgDay, what are some suggestions
      you'd make, or areas that you feel need improvement?

      6. For those of you who have attended a ProgDay, please rate your
      experience on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the best) in comparison to
      other concert experiences you've had.

      Thank you for your time! I will tally and forward the results in a
      couple of weeks!

      Peter (Prognerd@...)