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12149RE: [ProgAndOther] Digest Number 1052

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  • Phil Bastanchury
    Jun 1, 2001
      I have to agree -- I was somewhat disappointed to hear that there was an
      "unofficial" pre-show happening at Crocodile.

      Last years pre-show was rather special for me -- my flight left from Seattle
      at 12:06 **AM** Friday morning -- arrived at LaGuardia at 1:30pm -- had
      never been in NYC before so I just HAD to drive the legnth of Manhattan from
      Central Park to 42nd Street (I think that's the corner that empire state
      building was on) and then on into Allentown. My wife couldn't take the heat
      and crowds and being exausted, went back to the hotel. Echolyn is one of my
      all-time favorite bands, so I stood for HOURS in front of the stage and was
      right in front when they (finally) performed.

      I was hoping to avoid that fiasco this year, but I'm not sure I'll be able
      to stay away from the pre-show, since there are NEVER any prog shows in

      How about a late start to the preshow (like last year, as it turned out),
      and an early start to the meet&greet at BBW? That way it would be feasable
      to do both?


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      > According to the email I got, the Crocodile Rock basement has been
      > air-conditioned since last year ... last year was so
      > miserable though, I'm
      > not sure if that will sway many people!
      > There had been informal talk of having a mixer and social
      > time at the Brew
      > Works Friday evening ... considering that we're going to be
      > sitting and
      > listening to music for all but a few hours for the following
      > 2 days, the
      > mixer is more attractive to me at this point, but now that
      > the pre-show has
      > been announced, we have a split, which I think is too bad. I
      > was looking
      > forward to seeing/meeting new faces. Obviously I'll be in
      > touch with the
      > folks I already know, but it's the ones I don't know and
      > would like to meet
      > that could be in either place and be missed.
      > Right now my vote goes to the Brew Works ...
      > AB
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