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  • vitaliy_heep@ukrpost.net
    Apr 26, 2001
      Hello to the progfans .Sorry guys , but I am young progressive fan
      from Ukraine (former USSR country).I am interesting in progressive
      music , but it is really impossible to find prog albums here , or
      they are too expensive. Only sometimes I can find tapes with prog
      or cheap piracy copies of CD , but it is very rare. I suffer
      affliction because it is impossible for me to listen music that I
      love. You are my last chance. I shall be given very much thanks if
      you help me with some stuff. All what is possible (old tapes etc.),
      if it is not difficult for you. Thanks a lot. Sorry for my bad
      English it is not my native language.(griffin_2000@...).Vitalii
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