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  • Stevesly@xxx.xxx
    Mar 11, 1999
      In a message dated 99-03-11 07:51:25 EST, you write:

      Dang it, I can't find the e-mail that someone posted here about SG, saying
      that they had asked the band to play at a prog fest and were turned down
      because one of the band members wouldn't play live..forgive the interruption
      to the list, but can whoever it was that posted that e-mail me? There's a
      discussion about *SG not playing live* going on on a message board that I
      on and they are questioning this, and I'd like to be able to back up my *this
      is what I heard* posts with some concrete info..Thank >>

      I belive Rob Laduca was the one who posted about one of the bandmembers not
      being willing to play live for NEARfest. I posted a similar post about the
      band being contacted to play Progday. Although I do not know all of the
      details, the band (or at least some of them) apparently did not want to play
      the Progday gig either. These are the two major east coast prog festivals,
      and if the band (or some of it's members) have no interest in playing high
      profile gigs such as these, I doubt that they would be playing live anywhere.
      I find the whole thing to be rather curious, and would like to know the whole
      story behind it.

      Steve Sly
      (NP - Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons_
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