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10642V.Ganelin opera on CD

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    Feb 1, 2001
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      Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack
      C&P 33 Records , Vilnius , Lithuania 33CD002
      Order and purchase online - http://litus.gemm.com

      "The Devil's Bridge" was written and staged in 1972-1973 in Lithuania as the
      first rock opera.
      Of course, it was impossible to name it like this at that time. Anyway, the
      composer and jazz performer Vyacheslav Ganelin, the poet Sigitas Geda and
      the film director Arunas Zebriunas were already famous in those days.
      Singers were invited from the "street"-hippies and young bohemians youths
      from night clubs and restaurants. In that sense "The Devil's Bridge" became
      a sort of underground poem, too.
      The plot and motif were borrowed from the best Lithuanian novel "The
      Windmill of Baltaragis", writen by Kazys Boruta. Some parts came from The
      Old Testament, Lithuanian myths, incantations and witchcrafts, also from
      folklore magic and alchemy.
      The plot is a Faustian and folkloric one. How much does happiness cost?
      Where does a bargain with the devil lead to?
      Pincius, a little devil, falls into a lake after angels' riot in heaven.
      Here he is cougth by a man named Baltaragis who puts Pinciukas to work at
      his windmill. Other characters: Baltaragis's wife Marcele, daughter Jurga
      and her groom Girdvainis with his dappled horses, fastest in the region -
      all stay around. What fate awaits them? Which aspects of their everyday life
      are tragic and which are comic? Anyway: how much does it cost to sell one's
      soul? People try to solve this in every single inch on Earth.
      Folklore, witchcraft, magic, things that are human and those that are
      "devilish" are brikly intertwined here. Renaissance of musicals has
      flourished in Lithuania for almost three decades now. We were eager to do
      something similar to "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Hair" or "Cats". We tried to
      do it in our own country and in our own way.
      Sigitas Geda.
      October 2000, Vilnius