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'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (10.9.15) Have A Great Weekend!

The Waltzing Cat! The Truth Behind Pixar! Automatic House Cleaner! Useful Dog Tricks! A Cat's Guide To Taking Care Of Your Human! Husky Dog Talking - "I Love
Prof Howdy
8:10 AM

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (10.9.15) Have A Great Weekend Pleas

Important Announcement! Repeat Bank Robberies! Someone Took This Picture Of Prof Howdy At Work Today: Terrorist Hostages! UNC Library Book! Name Change! Many
Prof Howdy
7:53 AM

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (10.8.15) Are You Ready? Share

The Superman Dog! Funny Commercial! Baby Turns Up The Music! - I'll Take Romance! Thanks For The Memories ¶ Arnold Pranks Fans As The Terminator! America -
Prof Howdy
Oct 8

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (10.8.15) Are You Ready? Share With

In The Forest... It Was A Dark & Stormy Night... New Scientific Discovery! Chapel Hill Ice Cream! The New UNC Finance Manager! Distant Rain & Thunder
Prof Howdy
Oct 8

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (10.7.15)

Dumb Ways To Die! Hogan's Heroes ¶ Every Alfred Hitchcock Cameo! Baby Laughing With Dogs! Lambert - The Sheepish Lion! Dog Wins Simon Says! Billy Joel & Jimmy
Prof Howdy
Oct 7

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (10.7.15) Happy Hump Day!

UNC Grad! UNC Failure! What's Worst Than A JellyFish? ¡El Rescate Necesitó! Diet Of Worms! TV Vs. Computer! 5 Scientific Reasons That Global Warming Isn't
Prof Howdy
Oct 7

'Thought & Humor Videos'! #ProfHowdy (10.6.15) Have A Wonderful El M

The Advantages Of Traveling In Groups! Politically-Challenged! Uncle Drew! Top 10: Lucky Bounces on the PGA TOUR! Pretend Food! Super Cafe: Bat Phone! - - Six
Prof Howdy
Oct 6

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (10.6.15) Have A Great El Martes!

Your Speeding Ticket! Injured Civil Servant! New UNC Bride! UNC Grad Ad! Fooling The U.S.P.S.??? Forcing People To Buy Your Stuff! Tuesday's Humor Cartoons!
Prof Howdy
Oct 6

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (10.5.15) Have A Great Week!

Great Comedy Skit! Don't Tease The Frog! Do Dogs Chase Cats? (GEICO Commercial)! Baby Misses Dad's Beard! - My Fair Lady! (Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops
Prof Howdy
Oct 5

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (10.5.15) Have A Great Week!

Guess What? #ChangeIsInevitable As Escolhas Da Universidade! UNC Immunity! UNC Computer Terms! Did He Get The Job??? A UNC Student! Test Your Word Knowledge!
Prof Howdy
Oct 5

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (10.3.15) Special Weekend Music Edit

Morning Has Broken! (Which Version Do You Prefer?) ♪♫ ♫ Great Hits From America's Golden Years (1950s & 1960s)! Morning Has Broken! (Which Version Do You
Prof Howdy
Oct 3

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (10.3.15) Special Weekend Edition!

How Would You Answer? I Have Loved You! Guess What? Corny Jokes So Bad That They Hurt! 'Thought & Humor'! ... How Would You Answer? I Have Loved You! Guess
Prof Howdy
Oct 3

Re: 'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (10.2.15)

Pig Fights A Lion (No Fake!) Funny College Exam Video! Talking Parrot On T.V.! The Man Your Man Could Smell Like! Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial! The
Prof Howdy
Oct 2

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (10.2.15)

UNC Pilot! Two Girls! Data Del Pranzo! Making Pants Last! Corny Jokes So Bad That They Hurt! Weekend Humor Cartoons! #PoliticalCartoons #FunnyPoliticalCartoons
Prof Howdy
Oct 2

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (10.1.14) #ILoveOctober #ILov

Gas Station Fall! Extreme Sheep LED Art! Voicemail Accident Hilarious! Retired Pilot Video! Funny FedEx Commercial! Funny Matrix Video! Sinking Ship Video ¶ *
Prof Howdy
Oct 1
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