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RE: [ProductionAllStars] Intermediate Class

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  • Margaret Paloma Pavel
    Dear Rachel, I want to continue learning And would love to work/study with you What is possible Paloma Margaret Paloma Pavel PhD Executive Director: Earth
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 13, 2006
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      Dear Rachel,

      I want to continue learning
      And would love to work/study with you

      What is possible

      Margaret Paloma Pavel PhD
      Executive Director:
      Earth House, Inc.
      5275 Miles Avenue
      Oakland, CA 94618
      Tele: 510-652-2425
      Fax: 510-595-7295

      Growing healthy, just and sustainable

      communities through strategic planning,

      communications and multimedia tools.

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      Dear Intermediate Students,

      I am sorry to say we need to cancel 151 B & LB this term. Peralta has
      changed their teaching load requirements and, even with the requisite number
      of students enrolled, I wouldn't have been permitted to teach it (I learned
      this from our dean after our classes met last week.) In making the decision
      I spoke with Peter Freund and Gloria Voigt and everyone decided that there
      was really no one to step in my place and that we couldn't do it in a way
      that would be strong.

      You folks who took the Intro and Intermediate Classes last term - I am
      impressed by both the quality and significance of work you're doing. Even
      more so, I am deeply touched by how well you all worked on each others
      projects. Each and every one of last terms Intermediate projects blossomed
      because of your collective generosity and teamwork. Thank you Gianpaulo and
      Kevin for also volunteering on some of those shoots.

      I have several hopes: First that we will stay in touch and continue to
      support one another's projects.
      Secondly, that you all will enroll next Fall - yes! - in the no longer
      concurrent but it's own beautiful thing - Intermediate class. I don't know
      about you, but I can't wait to teach at a more advanced level.

      I am more than happy to speak with you individually about continuing your
      projects and helping you find alternate courses for this term if you need
      New to Vista Production Intermediate students, you are more than welcome to
      re-enroll in the Intro class this term. We've had some pros take that
      course in the past, so it may be worth your while, even with your prior
      video experiences.

      Finally, Thank you to all the students who worked so successfully last term
      and hoped to make it happen this term. I say thank you because working with
      you has been a gift to me - you had such momentum, skills and good spirit,
      I'd give a light tap in the right direction, we'd slate and you would roll
      with it.
      What a joy.

      Probably teachers don't usually say this, but I'll miss you. And i sure hope
      to see you all next fall.


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