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Re: Gasland part II <-- see it on HBO & learn something important

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  • REkz
    Filmmakers,   I want to encourage you to see Gasland Pt I or II or both.  (I m just now watching #2.) * If you re a documentary filmmaker, you may really
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2013
      I want to encourage you to see Gasland Pt I or II or both.  (I'm just now watching #2.)
      • If you're a documentary filmmaker, you may really enjoy the movie and admire the amazing way it's told.  The cinematography is quite compelling too.
      • If you're an environmentalist, you may find the issue both compelling and disturbing.
      For myself, I'm surprised to discover how seeing these movies has changed how I view the energy debate. 
      Now every time I hear someone advocate for 'natural gas' or using our 'shale oil reserves', I bring some knowledge to the table.  I had no idea there were so many aspects to this story.
      This film is very relevant to 2013 -- in the next few years, California may see it's abundant natural gas resources tapped by fracking, or we may have a ban on fracking (which is in the state legislature now), or we may come to some compromise.
      And what is at stake?  Well, not much -- just clean air, clean water, and anything living that uses either of those to live.

      I mean, everything is at stake.
      If you don't have HBO, ask to see it at a friend's house.  Make a party of it.
      Oh yes, they also have a Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/gaslandmovie
      NOTE:  I was not involved in any aspect of the movie, but I was a BCC Multimedia student, I currently work at a TV station in operations/engineering, and I also think this type of info is good for all of our collective educations.
      - Ari Krawitz
      rekzkarz.com  <-- blog
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