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Re: [ProductionAllStars] Akira Kurosawa fans?

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  • Gregori Niculitcheff
    ...ahahahah... Hi Rachel :) I was your student in 2000...something ...ahahah... (Gregori Niculitcheff) (Brazilian guy with funny accent....ahaha...and
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 13, 2013

      Hi Rachel  :)

      I was your student in 2000...something ...ahahah...

      (Gregori Niculitcheff) (Brazilian guy with funny accent....ahaha...and terrible English writing ...ahaha...)

      Before "Cine Paradiso", "Dersu Uzala" was my favorite movie for decades ....ahahah.... (I am 52 now)

      I see Akira Kurosawa not only as a filmmaker, but as a "shaper" of human emotions, a guy expand the universe of our felling.

      Now days I live in Silicon Valley but I am welling to zap to Berkeley and get a coffee with this fellow  :)

      let me know

      nice talk (by email ...ahahah...) with you again

      Gregori  :)


      On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 10:09 AM, rachel mercy <vistaproduction@...> wrote:

      Dear Allstars,

      Anybody knowledgeable about Akira Kurosawa and willing to do an interview with a high school student who's researching Kurosawa's influence on the film world?  If you're currently enrolled, I'll give an extra-credit. Don't need to be an "expert" but do need to have been touched, moved or inspired by his work.


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