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Fw: Fwd: Job Opening -- Instructional Media Technician at Berkeley High

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  • rachel mercy
    ...   ...   ... Minimum Job Requirements (see attachment for full job description): -BA or equivalent -Punctual -Mature, works well with students and staff
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2012

    Minimum Job Requirements (see attachment for full job description):

    -BA or equivalent


    -Mature, works well with students and staff  

    -Highly organized, good writing skills, detail-oriented  

    -Interested in a support staff position (minimal teaching)

    -Excellent multi-tasking skills

    -Filmmaking -- extensive experience required

    -Knows well: MAC platform, Final Cut Pro suite, iDVD, DVD Studio Pro, Photoshop, Pro Tools

    -Familiar with computer networking, servers, software installation

    -Web design/maintenance experience a plus

    -Ability to troubleshoot hardware and software related issues

    -Ability to troubleshoot the source of audio-visual equipment failure and takes initiative to correct or repair damaged equipment

    -Works well under pressure and with deadlines in a fast paced environment

    -Ability to do quick inventory of equipment

    -Has good research skills and working knowledge of the audio-visual industry to track and recommend the latest innovations

    -Ability to demonstrate strong inter-personal communication skills to coordinate between the different departments and administrative bodies

    -Serve as Sound Studio Engineer, assist students with music production and voiceover for video

    -Understanding of studio components: Computer, MIDI, Monitor System, workstation components

    -Proper Equipment Maintenance

    -Working knowledge of the industry and practicalities of classroom integration

    -Ability to maintain a properly functioning computer lab

    -Ability to research, purchase, inventory, and maintain audio-visual equipment

    -Recommend new media technologies for classroom use

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