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Fwd: MT Superfest disability film awards

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  • Larry Buchalter
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2006
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      > From: Maggie Dee <maggiedee@...>
      > Date: April 4, 2006 9:14:42 PM PDT
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      > Subject: Fwd: Re: MT Superfest disability film awards
      > Hope you can attend. Maggie
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      >> Subject: Re: MT Superfest disability film awards
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      >> Thanks Maggie,
      >> Here is additional info from Superfest sent to my project: I hope
      >> this supports areas of interest and media talkers interested in these
      >> areas. CDT will be posting the full event April 7 2006 ( Friday ) ...
      >> info at the end as well as web site address.
      >> HW
      >> SUPERFEST International Disability Film Festival
      >> June 3 and 4 at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley,
      >> California
      >> David Edwin Myers' Artistic Short, Wood Diary, Takes
      >> Top Honors at SUPERFEST XXVI
      >> Up against more than 50 entries from Eastern and
      >> Western Europe, North America, South Asia, and the
      >> South Pacific, Wood Diary, U.S. artist David Edwin Myers'
      >> dreamlike interpretation of the life of Walker Woods,
      >> an isolated rural artist with a disability, who
      >> created haunting wood figures, is awarded the Best of
      >> SUPERFEST 2006. A transcendent and shimmering
      >> reflection on the beauty of ritual and the power of
      >> unconditional love and commitment, Wood Diary is a
      >> profoundly moving cinematic experience. This stunning
      >> visual poem that attests to the value of the
      >> unexamined life will be screened June 3 and 4 at La
      >> Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley along with the other
      >> 12 SUPERFEST award-winning films chosen for their
      >> artistry, innovation and authenticity in expressing
      >> the rich diversity and complexity of disability
      >> experience and culture.
      >> The 14 films honored this year range from
      >> "down-and-dirty" low budget dramatizations to full
      >> length Oscar ready documentaries and explore themes
      >> as disparate as cochlear implants and the love lives
      >> of Russian school children. SUPERFEST Director Liane
      >> Yasumoto enthuses, "This is the most diverse range of
      >> films we've ever presented in twenty-six SUPERFEST
      >> showcases. We're thrilled to see filmmakers taking big
      >> creative risks and pushing themselves artistically.
      >> Audiences are going to be knocked out by these 14
      >> thought-provoking, evocative, and occasionally,
      >> hilarious award-winning films.╡
      >> Excellence/Spirit Awards
      >> Two documentaries, About Love and
      >> Braindamajâ•˙d...Take II, garner SUPERFEST Awards for
      >> Excellence. About Love, a humorous, unsentimental
      >> series of interviews of Moscow schoolchildren with
      >> disabilities about their surprisingly rich love lives,
      >> totally charmed judges with it's unpretentious and
      >> engaging look at disability classroom integration in
      >> action. Braindamadjâ•˙d...Take II documents the intense,
      >> uphill journey by Canadian filmmaker, Paul Nadler, to recover
      >> and reclaim his life after an accident resulting in a
      >> severe brain injury. A bold, creative film within a
      >> film: self reflexive, unflinchingly honest and a manic
      >> and disturbed look into the creative mind's power to
      >> reinvent itself, Braindamaj'd...Take II is also the
      >> recipient of the SUPERFEST Spirit Award, given to an
      >> outstanding film in which a person with a disability
      >> plays a significant role in the production.
      >> Achievement Awards
      >> SUPERFEST XXVI Achievement Award recipients are a trio
      >> of high energy productions: I'm Spazticus, a
      >> politically incorrect, rude and bladder challengingly
      >> funny British "Punk'd" style television special with
      >> disabled pranksters making fun of the assumptions and
      >> prejudices of an unsuspecting public,( Think "Jackass"
      >> meets "Candid Camera" for the crip set); The Man Who
      >> Couldn't Dance, a New Zealand farce that arrives at
      >> Monty Pythonesque solutions to the ballroom
      >> aspirations of a man without legs; and One Strong Arm,
      >> a Central Valley "Rocky" story featuring a teenager
      >> who works out until he's tough enough to be a
      >> contender in mainstream arm wrestling matches.
      >> Pamela K. Walker Award
      >> Given this year for the first time, the Pamela K. Walker
      >> Award is named for one of the founders of the Northern
      >> California SUPERFEST, created to recognize an experimental
      >> work that exemplifies her vision of "creativity unbound". The
      >> first Pamela K. Walker award recipient is the artistic
      >> short, Equilibrium, a powerful and provocative
      >> exploration of the chaos and cacophony of input that
      >> can result from cochlear implants.
      >> Emerging Artist Award
      >> The Emerging Artist Award is given to a promising
      >> filmmaker who has not yet received official
      >> recognition, and in 2006 has been bestowed on
      >> Christina Frenzel, a USC student, for
      >> The Third Parent, an impassioned documentary short about
      >> conflicting feelings of responsibility for a younger, autistic
      >> brother. The use of 16 mm film and slightly off-sync
      >> sound gives the work a raw, gritty home movie feel
      >> that heightens the film's intimacy and intensity.
      >> Merit Awards
      >> There were so many entries of quality in SUPERFEST
      >> this year that the five films earning Merit Awards
      >> would in other years have easily attained higher
      >> placement: Abnormally Funny People is a British
      >> documentary about five comedians with disabilities
      >> under high stress as they put together a show for
      >> the demanding and unforgiving Edinburgh Fringe
      >> Festival; Are the Kids Alright? is an expose of the
      >> threadbare U.S.mental health system, particularly
      >> in responding to children and adolescents from
      >> minority groups or in high risk situations; 39 Pounds
      >> of Love, a documentary with animation, centers
      >> on the international road-trip of an Israeli who
      >> wants to see the world and also confront the U.S.
      >> doctor who told his mother he would
      >> not survive childhood; Nectar is the latest gem of
      >> established British filmmaker Liz Crow, a poignant love
      >> story about a deaf, champion swimmer in the early 20th
      >> century who struggles to make his own life decisions
      >> against a tide of public expectations; and Escape
      >> Velocity, a quirky, animated autobiographical portrait
      >> by a U.S. artist with attention deficit disorder.
      >> Public Service Announcement (PSA) Award
      >> The award for an outstanding PSA goes to Georgian
      >> Song, an exuberant music video shown nationally to
      >> encourage Georgian schools (once part of the old
      >> U.S.S.R.) to become more inclusive.
      >> SUPERFEST Sponsor
      >> SUPERFEST is sponsored by the Corporation on
      >> Disabilities and Telecommunication (CDT) is a
      >> Berkeley-based non-profit, collaborative organization
      >> that works to transform disability stereotypes by providing
      >> access and opportunities for performers and media-makers
      >> with disabilities. Comprised of disability cultural artists,
      >> activists and allies, CDT promotes artistic excellence and
      >> diversity by presenting disability cultural events.
      >> Public screenings of SUPERFEST films will take place
      >> on June 3 and 4, time t.b.a., at La Pena Cultural Center,
      >> 3105 Shattuck Ave., in Berkeley, California. Tickets
      >> are $5-$20/day sliding scale and will be sold at the
      >> door.
      >> Festival information including full descriptions of the films,
      >> filmmakersâ•˙ names and contact information, screening schedule,
      >> reception and awards event times and access information will be
      >> posted on our website on Friday, April 7. If you have any
      >> questions, contact us at Superfest@...; or call the CDT voice
      >> mailbox at 510-845-5576. Our web address is:
      >> www.culturedisabilitytalent.org.
      >> Please help spread the word! We look forward to seeing you at
      >> SUPERFEST!
      >> Maggie Dee <maggiedee@...> wrote: In early June (1st
      >> weekend) Superfest will hold their two day film
      >> festival. All productions are disability related. Award winning
      >> disability
      >> PSAs, full film productions, shorts and documentaries from England,
      >> New
      >> Zealand, Georgia (Russia), Canada and of course the U.S. This year
      >> promises
      >> to be the best year yet. Talented producers with disabilities,
      >> actors etc.
      >> cover marvelous topics this year. A journey through coma by a
      >> person with
      >> a severe head injury, PSAs with a bit of a humorous twist, a full
      >> period
      >> flick costumes and beautiful cinematography promises to be a strong
      >> competitor. Films will be shown in Berkeley, CA 3105 Shattuck Ave.,
      >> June 3
      >> and 4, 12 Noon to 5 p.m.
      >> I heard about this via a listserve, called and interviewed Cheryl
      >> Wade, a
      >> board member of Superfest for my radio show. If you want to call her
      >> for
      >> more info: 510-525-7960 she is an absolute delight. She gave a
      >> wonderful
      >> description of most of the competing films. If you want to hear the
      >> interview on KUSF, 90.3 FM you can tune in to the broadcast via the
      >> Internet on Sunday, April 16, 12:30 p.m. (Pacific Daylight Time)
      >> 3:30 p.m.
      >> (Eastern Daylight Time). http://kusf.org/index.shtml and click on
      >> "Listen
      >> Now". The shows are not archived. You may be asked to download
      >> Live365 but
      >> it is not necessary. You can use MP3 or Windows Media Player to
      >> listen live.
      >> This show will have two airings due to the importance, April 16 and
      >> then
      >> again May 21...same time, 12:30 p.m.
      >> If you are participating on any listserves that include people in
      >> the S.F.
      >> Bay Area please include this information on those listserves. This
      >> is a
      >> Superfest of all Superfests! Thanks. Maggie
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      >> Creative writing class
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