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student internship --Center for Asian American Media, San Francisco

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  • rachel mercy
    Dear Allstars, Any current students interested in an internship working for The Center for Asian American Media? If so, please contact me at
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      Dear Allstars,

      Any current students interested in an internship working for The Center for Asian American Media?  If so, please contact me at vistaproduction@... and Laura Ruberto.  More details below.


      From: Laura Ruberto <lruberto@...>
      Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 12:18:14 -0700
      To: BCC-FAS <BCC-FAS@...>
      Subject: student internship possibilities--Center for Asian American Media, San Francisco

      Hi BCC colleagues,

      I've been in touch with the Center for Asian American Media in San Francisco about some of the ways Berkeley City College students might be able to participate directly in some of the work that CAAM does (the annual International Asian American Film Festival, for instance)--http://asianamericanmedia.org/.

      I am hopeful that together we can pinpoint a few students who might be good candidates for working with CAAM through one of their student-only volunteer or internship possibilities. Students can be involved as interns (that run typically a minimum of 3 months through 1 year); festival volunteers (during March); CAAMbassadors (year-round project-based); or even just a short-term externship (a few days shadowing in the office). Some of these positions are paid (these tend to be the the most competitive, of course).
      If you have students who might be interested in pursuing university majors in/careers in Asian American Studies specifically but also who are interested in filmmaking, administration, event programming, non-profit, or social-justice work, please let me know who they are, or have them contact me directly. (Students would need to present a resume and a cover letter, and preferably a letter of reference from an instructor.)

      Laura E. Ruberto, Ph.D.
      Co-Chair, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies
      Berkeley City College
      2050 Center Street
      Berkeley CA 94704
      : 510.981.2922
      email: lruberto@...

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