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new advanced production class

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  • rachel mercy
    Dear Allstars, This term I m teaching 151B/C with a new focus; Visual Storytelling. The class will address how to build a story (either narrative or
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2010
      Dear Allstars,

      This term I'm teaching 151B/C with a new focus; "Visual Storytelling." The
      class will address how to build a story (either narrative or documentary) using
      cinematography, lighting and art direction. In doing so, we will also employ
      our new equipment: shooting studio, dolly, steadicam systems, and HVX/HD
      cameras (and, yes, the studio lights are now fully rigged.) If you're
      interested and want to learn a little more, see the lecture topics listed below.

      If you have only taken 151B, you can sign up for 151C.
      If you've already taken 151B & C, but you took 151B in 2006 or earlier, you can
      re-enroll in 151B again.

      Our first class meets this Monday, August 23 at 9am in Room 218. Do let me
      know if you're interested and I will arrange to sign your add slips on Monday.


      151 Visual Story - Lecture Topics


      Focus: On what do you want your audience to focus?
      Establishing a meaningful focal point
      Depth of Field Issues: technical and how it affects the interpretation of your
      Rack focus (w/ stationary and moving subjects)

      Blocking : What meaning does your composition tell?
      Visual/ narrative symbolism
      Building and shifting Character through blocking

      Visual Continuity: Shooting for the Edit
      Screen direction
      180 Degree

      Emerging Technologies
      Technical Camera / HD Tech Specs / 35mm Cams for video

      Camera in Motion
      Glide - Steadicam
      Motion in Cinematography

      The Reveal:
      How a shot develops over time
      How to visually demonstrate changes in character relationships
      Surprise your audience


      Lighting - Safety, Vocabulary, Techniques and Principles
      Field and Studio lights

      Lighting: Establishing Separation and Connection w/ Lighting
      Different ways to reveal character relationships with lighting

      Lighting – Focus & Mystery
      Determining what’s lit and what’s unlit
      Reveal Shot developed through lighting

      Lighting Continuity
      Maintaining lighting continuity between different shots
      Establishing a lighting style for your video


      Pragmatics: Resources and Organization Tips for Production Design

      Choosing a Location
      pragmatic and aesthetic considerations
      locations that represent characters in story

      Establishing Affinity & Connection via Art Direction
      What story does your art direction tell?

      Establishing Contrast & Conflict via Art Direction
      How your choice of wardrobe, props and make-up can create tension between
      Building character and plot points through Art
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