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Most Important email I've sent

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  • rachel mercy
    Dear Allstars, Please take 10 minutes now to help save our dean Bonnie Schaffner. This is crucial to our department functioning. Mmart has transformed over the
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      Dear Allstars,

      Please take 10 minutes now to help save our dean Bonnie Schaffner. This is crucial to our department functioning.

      Mmart has transformed over the past few years: we've finally built and equipped a functional shooting studio. We hired the amazing Bryan Gibbs to supervise audio/visual needs. The woman behind our success is Dean Bonita Schaffner, whose position was cut this spring due to budget. I honestly don't know how we'll function without Dean Schaffner; she's the one who finds funding for our equipment and TA's when the coffers are empty. She's the one who assists students when they need to add/drop a course and A&R is not functioning. She is straight-talking, hard-working, kind and tremendously effective.

      This is our ONLY chance to voice our concerns about losing this woman who has created incredible opportunities for you to learn at BCC. Please support your studies and our effectiveness as a department and send letters to the trustees TODAY. There is a sample letter below you can send or tailor as you like.

      If you can cc; me w/ your letters, that will help us keep track of what the trustees are receiving.

      Thank you for taking action.
      Rachel, Natalie, Marissa

      > MMART faculty and students,
      > I just found out from our MMART Dean, Bonnie Schaffner that the district
      > board will meet tomorrow to either remove or keep her position. THIS IS
      > gets axed, our multimedia department will be in an incredible state of
      > disorder.
      > Below is the list of the trustees' emails. Please copy the addresses and
      > send an email to all of them that you wish to keep Bonnie as our Dean! I
      > don't even think we can fathom how frustrating and horrible our work lives
      > will be without her! Please also forward this email to ALL YOUR MMART
      > STUDENTS!!! Whatever we can do to keep her around, let's do so!
      > Send an email to all of the district board:
      > ngonzalezyuen@...
      > bwithrow@...
      > mhodge@...
      > lhandy@...
      > wriley@...
      > cgulassa@...

      > If you're a student use this text body or something like it:

      Dear Peralta College Board Members:

      Please do not remove Dr. Bonita Schaffner from her position as dean at
      Berkeley City College. She has been a great asset to the department. One
      of the reasons we've been able to have great classes, equipment,
      computers, and facilities for our multimedia classes is because Dr.
      Schaffner has done her best to make sure our needs are met. Even as
      budget cuts are necessary for our district to survive, she has done
      everything she can to make sure that we as students do not suffer too much
      from the cuts. She is an essential part of our department and for that
      reason, I urge you to not approve any proposal that may remove her from
      her position.


      Berkeley City College Student
      Multimedia Department
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