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RE: [ProductionAllStars] Production Help Needed - Indigenous Mapping Network Wed 3/25 at UCB- stipend

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    Please contact me re: production & stipend. CPTN IBDBAJD ... have a small hand held video camera with an internal (sucky) mike that could be used.
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      Please contact me re: production & stipend. CPTN IBDBAJD

      rachel mercy wrote:
      > --- On Tue, 2/24/09, Terry Bodkin <tbodkin@...> wrote: From: Terry Bodkin <tbodkin@...> Subject: Production Help Needed - Indigenous Mapping Network Wed 3/25 at UCB To: "Rachel Mercy Simpson" <vistaproduction@...> Cc: "Rachel simpson" <rmercy@...> Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2009, 9:17 AM
      > Hi Rachel, One of the students in my class, Rose McKeon, needs help shooting an event at UC Berkeley where she works. The info is below and there is a small amount of money available. It is short notice, but hoping you can might know of someone in production classes, or can forward to the Production All-Stars list. Thanks, Terry From: Rosemarie McKeon < rosemarie.mckeon@... > Date: February 23, 2009 10:58:30 PM PST To: tbodkin@... , tbodkin@... Subject: Indigenous Mapping Network Wed 3/25 at UCB Hi Terry, I shared after class tonight regarding the unique event below. I had the afterthought of video recording the event. you asked I write you so that you could forward the info to someone. I asked Jessica (below) if she could find someone to man a camera for a dynamic webcast, like on Justin.tv or ustream.tv but haven't heard back.  Still I
      have a small hand held video camera with an internal (sucky) mike that could be used. The schedule is: 15 min for welcome/intros of jessica, sibyl and myself. 30 min for audience intros, 30-45 min for strategy/discussion. audience will either stand or sit where they are. The location is in the I School South hall, across the campanile grass. I can provide a small honorarium of $50 from my pocket. I'm a volunteer web developer for the group's various networks, and the other 6 board members are on reservations in other states. It may land future work, as we have requests for future event so folks can make travel plans! And a physicist offered his grad students to help write grants. Folks are fairly passionate about this topic so it
      > should be pretty fun :) Thanks again for your kindness, Rose My cell 717-3542, rose@... --------------------- On Wednesday, February 25, Indigenous Mapping Network will host  its first local Bay Area meeting on the U.C. Berkeley campus.  The meeting will be held in South Hall, Room 110.
      > Join us to informally discuss current issues, developments, and opportunities for map making as it relates to Indigenous, Native American, Aboriginal or First Nations peoples. Mapping approaches can include thought-maps, performance, materials, as well as GIS, web, and mobile phone technologies. Agenda Welcome Introductions - assessing local interest and activities around indigenous mapping
      > Discussion - what are current community needs for indigenous mapping? Overview of next steps and close of meeting Networking - Please bring business cards Please RSVP http://imnatucb.eventbrite.com If you are unable
      > to attend but would like to be notified of future meetings, add your name at http://indigenousmapping.net/newsletter.html More information: Sibyl Diver - UCB Dept of Environmental Sciences, Policy & Management, sdiver [at] nature [dot] berkeley [dot] edu Jessica Santana- UCB School of Information, jsantana [at] ischool [dot] berkeley [dot] edu Rosemarie McKeon- Indigenous Mapping
      > Network rose [at] indigenousmapping [dot] net  
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