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Wrap Up/Last Chances

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  • rachel mercy
    Hello Dear Production All Stars - Today Tuesday is the big screening. Everyone Please arrive on time. A few last chances: -If you haven t had your fellow
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 13, 2005
      Hello Dear Production All Stars -

      Today Tuesday is the big screening. Everyone Please
      arrive on time.
      A few last chances:
      -If you haven't had your fellow students sign
      releases, bring spares and by all means get that done
      -If you are still turning in work for your binder,
      definitely do it, but not at the cost of coming late
      or missing our final class. I will give partial credit
      for late work IF you have submitted it by 1:30 to the
      guard at the annex today Tuesday.
      - I am working on getting a special class code for
      Intermediate students wanting to continue with lab
      only next term. I've spoken to Joe Doyle who seems we
      can get something called a 48 status which will permit
      you to sign up.
      - I would love to have a wrap up - what I learned
      session. How about a party? As some of you know I had
      a big old party, barbecue, backyard screening at my
      house the first term I worked at Vista, and nearly got
      fired for it. As faculty, I'm not allowed to do it,
      but if one of you wants to throw a party that would be
      just great.
      - If each of you wants to Briefly share one thing you
      learned today during the screening, you could do it
      while we switch tapes/DVDs. That would be great!
      Can't wait to see you all later - wear your gowns,
      bring your cookies and don't forget to label your

      --- Valentino Mumford <lahe52@...> wrote:

      > In keeping with the spirit of Hannah and Pete's
      > posts I was
      > wondering if people were considering doing any
      > independent projects
      > during the holiday - "Have Camera will shoot" kind
      > of thing...
      > Val Mumford
      > --- In ProductionAllStars@yahoogroups.com, Peter
      > Erwin
      > <tranquiyote@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > A big second from me-Pete
      > >
      > > hannahchauvet <hannahchauvet@y...> wrote:Hi Fellow
      > AllStars,
      > > I was just thinking as I typed up my last shoot
      > evaluation for
      > Rachel that she gets to read
      > > all of our "lessons learned" but we don't get to
      > read each others.
      > How about having a final
      > > wrap-up session where those members of both the
      > intermediate and
      > the introductory
      > > class who have learned some important lessons
      > share them with the
      > entire class?
      > > I know that I learned a lot about shooting green
      > screen projects.
      > Gavin Moore did a lot of
      > > lighting research both for my shoot and for
      > Robert's shoot. Randy,
      > Peter, Jim and Tamra
      > > have all become more expert with the DVX 100A.
      > Kyazad worked as a
      > sound recordist last
      > > summer and could certainly share his expertise.
      > So, Rachel and
      > fellow Allstars, what do
      > > you think?
      > > Hannah
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Wedding video production Video production
      > california Training
      > video production Video production Video production
      > company Video
      > production college
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