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SUBJECT: Warning about switching tape BRANDS and HEAD Cleaning for your camera

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  • eireann333
    **** Please do not respond to this posting. This is FYI only**** Hey fellow Allstars....Micha from Production C class. I was shooting on Rachel Harts Music
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2008
      **** Please do not respond to this posting. This is FYI only****

      Hey fellow Allstars....Micha from Production C class.

      I was shooting on Rachel Harts Music video in the green screen room
      this past Tuesday. A fun shoot, and everything went fairly smooth,
      until we played back the master camera footage before we left. YIKES!
      Digital archiving had split the footage in a ZIPPER effect! We had a
      coronary for the first 5 minutes, until the archiving went away, and
      the footage seemed fine.

      After this, I went home and did loads of research on the web and
      dvxuser.com and came up with the following information. I will place
      links below for all to peruse.

      (1) SWITCHING TAPES: It is *absolutely* not advisable to be
      switching brands of different tapes in and out of the DVX or any high
      end prosumer camcorder. I think it might be advisable to make
      mandatory tape purchases off of Rachel/Marissa, rather than purchasing
      your own at Walgreen's. Not a good idea, according to folks working in
      the industry.

      (2) CLEANING HEADS: There is a plethora of info about this on
      DVXUSER, some of which I have pasted below. It seems as if you should
      avoid constant use of the head cleaning tapes, and should use them
      very sparingly. One link below recommends a procedure to "do it
      yourself," but unless you feel comfortable doing that, I wouldn't
      attempt is. It is a good idea to have head cleaning tapes (of your
      camera's make,)as an emergency, for when you have have archiving
      issues on the set, but do not use them all the time. Also, as Rachel
      stated, ONLY use them for 5 seconds!

      (3) CHECKING YOUR FOOTAGE ONSET: For those who don't know, the DVX has
      a little button on the right hand-top side that is a "check footage"
      button. This will allow you to check the last 3 seconds of shot
      footage without breaking the time code. I am going to get into the
      habit of doing this now, to make sure this doesn't happen again, and I
      will carry a head cleaning tape with me as an emergency back up.

      So many students use these cameras, the heads may have some issues. I
      amhoping none of this happens on your shoots, but if you do buy tapes,
      I would recommend buying them from the instructors....DON'T buy tapes
      from Costco or anything that the instructors do not approve of, and
      *definitely* do not switch brands of tapes back and forth, as tapes
      can have either wet or dry emulsion, and switching between the two
      will cause your footage to have archiving (i.e it will be ruined.)

      Thanks and see you in class :-)

      Links to blogs and helpful articles on the subject:

      Look at Question # 7



      **** http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?t=6888 ****
      informative thread on cleaning the heads yourself. There is a strong
      argument not to use head cleaning tapes, but then, we would need a
      tech onsite to do any different
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