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Film Society Seeks History Project Interns

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  • Marissa Aroy
    Film Society Seeks History Project Interns Posted by: Jennifer Preissel jennpreissel@gmail.com noelly54 Tue Jun 5, 2007 2:12 pm (PST) Position Opening San
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      Film Society Seeks History Project Interns

      Posted by: "Jennifer Preissel" jennpreissel@...   noelly54

      Tue Jun 5, 2007 2:12 pm (PST)

      Position Opening
      San Francisco Film Society
      History Project Intern

      Working under the supervision of the Creative Director, learn how the Film
      Society's Levin Archive operates by participating in the History Project–the
      care and maintenance of the records of the San Francisco International Film
      Festival. These resources include film stills, posters, film clips, videos,
      databases, periodicals, film festival catalogues, clippings and Festival

      Responsibilities include research and fact-checking; verifying information
      in the Archive's databases of Festival films, guests and tributes;
      identifying, cataloguing and filing photos and posters; preparing
      information for online publication; assisting visitors to the Archive and
      miscellaneous projects.

      Skills: We need an intern who is dependable, detail-oriented and able to
      follow through with minimal supervision. Computer experience is helpful,
      especially with databases and data entry. The ideal candidate is a student
      with career plans in film, museum, archive or library work.

      Hours: Minimum of 12 hours (preferably two days) a week. We are flexible as
      to the requirements of your school or organization for an internship. The
      Archive is open 10:00 AM–6:00 PM, Monday–Friday.

      Benefits: The internship offers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience
      in a film-related archive. This internship can be done for course credit;
      check with your counselor. You will be able to attend Film Society programs
      and have access to the Film Festival, press and preview screenings.

      Please send your resume and a cover letter via email to:

      Jennifer Preissel
      History Project Coordinator

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