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boom operator needed

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  • Marissa Aroy
    I m directing a short educational (telenovela) soap opera, and could use one person who would be willing to be the boom operator at the film locations in
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 7, 2007
      I'm directing a short educational (telenovela) soap opera, and could use one person who would be willing to be the boom operator at the film locations in Oakland on Tuesday all day (call time is 7AM).  $100 for the day.  Please let me know if you're interested.  It's a great chance to see a full production done.


      Marissa Aroy
      Saul Zaentz Media Center 
      2600 Tenth St., Suite 634
      Berkeley CA 94710
      office: 510-295-4305
      mobile: 510-368-0580
      Producing digital video content for television and
      the mobile device marketplace. 

    • peter erwin
      Hey folks, email this to as many people as you think might be interested. Links to respond are within text body below. It s a project I ll be donating my own
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 7, 2007
        Hey folks, email this to as many people as you think
        might be interested. Links to respond are within text
        body below. It's a project I'll be donating my own
        time to as a camera assistant.

        1) If you're interested in film it's a great way to
        watch how another crew puts it together on a large

        2) If you're interested in getting people to look at
        war more critically, this is a great catalyst for that

        3) If you live out of the area, consider it an
        inspirational happening that you wouldn't otherwise
        hear about.

        Cheers-Pete Erwin

        We'd like to invite you to be an extra in a short,
        anti-war film called "War Prayer" starring Jeremy
        Sisto (best known as Billy--Brenda's crazy brother--on
        "6 Feet Under"). All the details are below...if it
        sounds like something you'd like to do, please respond
        to Karyn Veneklasen asap (casting@...
        <mailto:casting@...> ) and I'll get
        back to you with more info as we get closer.

        Please feel free to forward to anyone else you know
        who may be interested...we need the bodies, and want
        this to be a fun day for all!

        Thanks, and look forward to seeing you there.

        Karyn & Noah Veneklasen

        Call For Extras

        Lyceum Film’s anti-war short film The War Prayer,
        starring Jeremy Sisto (6 Feet Under) and Ed Kerr, is
        casting extras for a shoot on Saturday, April 14th,
        2007 in Castro Valley, CA.

        We need a large number of people (up to 500) of any
        age, race or sex to play a church audience in the
        film’s key dramatic scene.

        The movie is set in the modern day, in a mega-church.
        All applicants must be able to provide their own
        “Sunday best” church-appropriate clothing. Women and
        men must do their own hair and makeup.

        This is great opportunity to protest war in an unusual
        way, spend a day making a difference and (hopefully!)
        making new friends. Extras won’t be paid, but will
        receive a screen credit as compensation.

        To apply, please email a brief physical description,
        age & gender (attaching a low-rez recent photo is also
        encouraged), along with your name, email address and
        phone number to: casting@...
        <mailto:karyn@...> .


        The War Prayer is a short film adaptation of Mark
        Twain’s short story by the same name. It exposes the
        realities of war and sheds light on the role that
        religion plays in justifying and perpetuating war.

        The War Prayer takes place in present day, during
        Sunday services at an Evangelical church in Any Town,
        USA. On the eve of war, our Reverend leads the
        congregation in prayer for the protection of our
        soldiers. In closing, he makes one last, seemingly
        innocuous request “…and grant us the victory, O Lord.”
        The service proceeds as usual until the arrival of a
        mysterious stranger, “a messenger from on high”. He
        silently ascends to the pulpit and proceeds to explain
        “the full import” of the congregation’s request, the
        “unspoken” part of their prayer.

        What follows is Twain’s masterful, yet horrifying
        depiction of warfare, an unrivaled indictment of the
        carnage that man has committed against his fellow man
        since time immemorial.

        The film will be actively promoted on the festival
        circuit, available on our website, through internet
        outlets (YouTube, etc) and through partnerships with
        progressive organizations. These efforts will be
        supported by an extensive schedule of press, public
        appearances and discussions. Ultimately we expect The
        War Prayer will be submitted for consideration by the
        Academy of Motion Pictures for the Oscars in the short
        film category, further expanding its reach.


        Shooting: Saturday, April 14, 2007. Approximate start
        time is 8am, and approximate end time is 3pm,
        depending on shooting schedule. An exact info sheet
        will be emailed out prior to shoot. A smaller group
        of extras may be asked to volunteer stay for
        additional shooting.

        Ample parking is available in the lot or on the street
        and is free. Carpooling is recommended. One mile from
        Castro Valley BART Station.


        As a non-profit production, screen credit will be
        given for all extras.


        Beverages will be provided. Please bring your own bag
        lunch and snacks.

        Requirements Must be able to: react to the sermon and
        the mysterious stranger’s message. Provide your own
        “Sunday best”, church-appropriate clothing. Do your
        own hair and makeup.

        Gender: Any

        Age: 10 to 80 (younger children are also welcome but
        please be aware of the potential seven hour time

        Height: Any

        Ethnicity: Any

        Hair Color: Any

        Body Type: Any

        8:00? 8:25? 8:40? Find a flick in no time
        with the Yahoo! Search movie showtime shortcut.
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