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Re: [ProductionAllStars] Winter/Spring Interns Sought, Center for Digital Storytelling,

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  • john dangerously
    Hello Marissa, This is J.P. = I know it s really late in the game to be asking about this; but What do we do exactly to get our piece(s) in to the showing at
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 22, 2006
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      Hello Marissa,

      This is J.P. =>
      I know it's really late in the game to be asking about
      this; but
      What do we do exactly to get our piece(s) in to the
      showing at BCC
      All i know for sure is the format must be MiniDV and
      it starts at 5:30.
      Would i be correct in assuming that if i were to show
      up a bit earlier w/ my own tape that it will be shown?
      I would naturally keep an eye out for either you or
      Racheal and/or seek out a person incharge. Even so, I
      will be there and ready to enjoy the show.
      Get back at me if you can. Thanx
      --- Marissa Aroy <marissa_aroy@...> wrote:

      > Posted by: "Amy Hill" amylenita@...
      > amylenita
      > Fri Dec 15, 2006 11:00 am (PST)
      > Interns Needed at the Center for Digital
      > Storytelling, Berkeley
      > The Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS;
      > www.storycenter.org),
      > located in
      > Berkeley, is a community arts center focused on
      > multimedia/digital video
      > training and production. Since the early 1990s, our
      > programs have been
      > exploring the role that personal narrative,
      > storytelling, and new
      > media can
      > play in education, community arts, and social change
      > contexts. We offer
      > beginning-level training workshops in scripting,
      > digital image
      > manipulation,
      > and digital video editing; collaborate with
      > universities and
      > community-based
      > organizations across the U.S. and internationally,
      > to train trainers
      > in our
      > digital storytelling workshop process; and provide
      > one-on-one support
      > for
      > individual multimedia, web, and digital video
      > projects.
      > We're currently looking for several interns to work
      > with us in the
      > Winter/Spring of 2007. Interns at CDS have the
      > opportunity to explore
      > new
      > media tools and share their own stories. They assist
      > with preparation,
      > instruction, and post-production related to monthly
      > public digital
      > storytelling workshops in Berkeley and specialized
      > workshops held in
      > collaboration with various groups. Interns also
      > assist with the
      > development
      > of educational and promotional materials, web design
      > projects, community
      > outreach, data backup/management, and general
      > administrative tasks.
      > We are
      > especially interested this quarter in working with
      > interns who are
      > already
      > fairly skilled in basic digital video editing, as we
      > have
      > considerable needs
      > for post-production assistance. We work with
      > undergraduate and graduate
      > students, as well as those pursuing career changes,
      > retired individuals,
      > etc. These internships are unpaid but can lead to
      > paid facilitation work
      > with our Center.
      > Eligibility: Familiarity/experience with Macintosh
      > computers
      > required. Some
      > proficiency in Photoshop, Final Cut Pro or Express,
      > iMovie, Final Cut
      > Pro,
      > Premiere, Dream weaver, iDVD, and/or DVD Studio Pro
      > highly desired.
      > Willingness to commit to at least one-half day per
      > week for at least
      > three
      > months preferred, but project-based, short-term
      > opportunities are also
      > available.
      > To Inquire: Please contact Jessica McCoy at
      > jessica@..., or
      > 510-548-2065. We hope to hear from you!
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