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809Calling Partnership for—Canyon School’s 6-7-8 grade students Internship Program

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  • star_soluna
    Oct 3 1:02 PM
      Canyon Middle School is actively seeking partners from our extended community of small business owners, working professionals and organizations to help design and implement a dynamic internship program for our 6-7-8 students.

      The internship program encourages students to move towards self-efficacy while exploring careers in real-life working environments. During their internships, students learn about themselves within the context of a work community and further their abilities as contributors, observers, questioners and recorders.

      The goal of the internship program is to facilitate and nurture each student's ability to independently develop and pursue a personal areas of interest. Each student begins by drafting a current and meaningful set of personal goals as it relates to their internship. They are expected to approach their internship with both mindfulness and imagination, as it represents a unique opportunity to leverage newly acquired critical thinking skills, discover new perspectives, and practice responding with patience to unfamiliar tasks and problems.

      This year the program is scheduled to run for eight consecutive Wednesdays from October 17 through December 5, 2012.

      So far, students have expressed their desire to pursue internships related to Animal Care, the Arts, Baking and Cooking, Books, Bicycling & Skating, Movies, Technology and Video Gaming.

      If you consider to help design and implement this internship program and you or your employer can sponsor one or more of our students please email me: 4soluna[at]gmail[dot]com or call: 415 595 4575