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461missed class last week; assignment?

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  • Paige Bierma
    Apr 7, 2009
      Hi Rachel,

      Sorry I missed class last week; was shooting for my doc and couldn't reschedule it.

      Did you assign something due this week? Is spring break next week?

      I might be interested in the BBC thing. Do you have any more info. on it?


      On Tuesday, April 07, 2009, at 02:32PM, "rachel mercy" <vistaproduction@...> wrote:
      >Dear Students,
      >Two volunteer project opportunities (1 w/ stipend)
      >1) Please consider the attached short-term project "Sailing into Science." I would be happy to accept it as a final project or you may be able to team up to do it. Keep me in the loop if you're interested.
      >2) I am also looking for a student ideally who has some video production and editing skills, is available for 5-10 hrs p/week to work on a BCC Basic Skills production. Good people involved on this ongoing work and a $500 p/term stipend. You must be recommended via me, so contact me if you're interested.
      >----- Forwarded Message ----
      >From: "Winslow, Kyle" <KWinslow@...>
      >To: vistaproduction@...
      >Cc: tnemeth@...
      >Sent: Thursday, April 2, 2009 3:16:00 PM
      >My name is Kyle Winslow and I coordinate a field trip
      >program for local elementary students called “Sailing Into Science”
      >at the Lake Merritt Boating Center
      >through the City of Oakland ,
      >Office of Parks and Recreation.
      >I’m searching for a video-savvy person to shoot and/or
      >edit a video showcasing what participants experience in our program. I plan
      >to use the completed video to recruit program participants, to attain grants to
      >help fund our program, to show our existing grant funders what we do, and for
      >general community exposure and outreach.
      >I unfortunately have no funding to pay for video services,
      >but I could promise a chance to hang out at beautiful Lake Merritt
      >with our students in our lakeside classrooms and on the lake in boats, as well
      >as offering free boat rentals to come back to the lake and use anytime
      >(pedalboats, rowboats, kayaks, canoes, sailboats). I’m also more
      >than happy to write a letter of recommendation or assist in any way possible if
      >this is done as part of student coursework.
      >More details:
      >-If you’re interested in just editing, I could shoot
      >some video myself and then you could edit on your own time.
      >-If you’d like to shoot video yourself, ideally
      >you’d be able to come for four days (9am-2pm) to capture video of each of
      >our four different days of curriculum and boat types.
      >-Parking: Plentiful, nearby, and free.
      >-Materials needed: You would need to provide equipment to
      >capture video and/or edit.
      >-Sailing Into Science provides local elementary students
      >(primarily 5th graders) with hands-on science (life science, earth
      >science, nautical science, simple machines) using our lakeside classrooms and
      >Lake Merritt. Each morning is spent learning one of our science topics
      >and each afternoon is spent on boats (pedalboats, kayaks, dragonboats, and
      >whaleboats). We serve primarily Oakland Unified students, many of whom
      >have very few or zero opportunities to receive hands-on learning and go
      >boating. By the end of this school year, we will have served
      >approximately 1,000 local students.
      >I’ve attached a flyer with more Sailing Into Science
      >information and pictures. If you are interested in getting involved in
      >any manner, please feel free to contact me. Thank you kindly. ~Kyle
      >Kyle Winslow, Boating and Science Coordinator
      >LakeMerrittBoating Center
      >City of Oakland ,
      >Office of Parks and Recreation
      >568 Bellevue Ave.
      >Oakland, CA 94610
      >Office: 510-238-2196
      >Fax: 510-238-7199
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