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448Production Help Needed - Indigenous Mapping Network Wed 3/25 at UCB- stipend

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  • rachel mercy
    Feb 24, 2009
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      --- On Tue, 2/24/09, Terry Bodkin <tbodkin@...> wrote:
      From: Terry Bodkin <tbodkin@...>
      Subject: Production Help Needed - Indigenous Mapping Network Wed 3/25 at UCB
      To: "Rachel Mercy Simpson" <vistaproduction@...>
      Cc: "Rachel simpson" <rmercy@...>
      Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2009, 9:17 AM

      Hi Rachel,

      One of the students in my class, Rose McKeon, needs help shooting an event at UC Berkeley where she works. The info is below and there is a small amount of money available.

      It is short notice, but hoping you can might know of someone in production classes, or can forward to the Production All-Stars list.


      From: Rosemarie McKeon <rosemarie.mckeon@...>
      Date: February 23, 2009 10:58:30 PM PST
      Subject: Indigenous Mapping Network Wed 3/25 at UCB

      Hi Terry,

      I shared after class tonight regarding the unique event below.
      I had the afterthought of video recording the event. you asked I write you so that you could forward the info to someone.

      I asked Jessica (below) if she could find someone to man a camera for a dynamic webcast, like on Justin.tv or ustream.tv but haven't heard back. 

      Still I have a small hand held video camera with an internal (sucky) mike that could be used.

      The schedule is: 15 min for welcome/intros of jessica, sibyl and myself. 30 min for audience intros, 30-45 min for strategy/discussion. audience will either stand or sit where they are.

      The location is in the I School South hall, across the campanile grass. I can provide a small honorarium of $50 from my pocket. I'm a volunteer web developer for the group's various networks, and the other 6 board members are on reservations in other states.

      It may land future work, as we have requests for future event so folks can make travel plans! And a physicist offered his grad students to help write grants.

      Folks are fairly passionate about this topic so it should be pretty fun :)

      Thanks again for your kindness,

      My cell 717-3542, rose@...


      On Wednesday, February 25, Indigenous Mapping Network will host 
      its first local Bay Area meeting on the U.C. Berkeley campus. 
      The meeting will be held in South Hall, Room 110.

      Join us to informally discuss current issues, developments, and opportunities for map making as it relates to Indigenous, Native American, Aboriginal or First Nations peoples. Mapping approaches can include thought-maps, performance, materials, as well as GIS, web, and mobile phone technologies.

      1. Welcome
      2. Introductions - assessing local interest and activities around indigenous mapping
      3. Discussion - what are current community needs for indigenous mapping?
      4. Overview of next steps and close of meeting
      5. Networking - Please bring business cards

      Please RSVP

      If you are unable to attend
      but would like to be notified of future meetings, add your name at

      More information:
      Sibyl Diver - UCB Dept of Environmental Sciences, Policy & Management, sdiver [at] nature [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
      Jessica Santana- UCB School of Information, jsantana [at] ischool [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
      Rosemarie McKeon- Indigenous Mapping Network rose [at] indigenousmapping [dot] net

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