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343Re: [ProductionAllStars] Additional Notes on 151 C/Looking for TA

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  • rachel mercy
    Dec 1, 2007
      Great to hear, Jamie. See you in a bit.

      --- Jamie DeWolf <tongueartillery@...> wrote:

      > I'll definitely be taking this class. the chase
      > scene sounds right up my alley, how exciting! I
      > would LOVE a production certificate. a
      > cinematagraphy class would be excellent, also one
      > that focused strictly on lighting would be hot.
      > thanks again for your help and guidance on my
      > feature, I did some soul searching and now
      > everything is back on track and actually better than
      > before with some reshoots already scheduled to fix
      > some of the problems. I really appreciate it. I look
      > forward to more projects!
      > rachel mercy <vistaproduction@...> wrote:
      > Hi to everyone considering the Advanced
      > Production
      > Class,
      > 1) I'm looking for a TA. All day Tuesdays. Please
      > contact me ASAP if you're interested.
      > 2) In 151C (listed online, but not in catalogue,) we
      > will focus more on Directing Techniques than I have
      > in
      > previous courses. I would also like you to consider
      > a
      > topic/area you are already knowledgeable about to
      > discuss with B students.
      > In terms of the combined class, I will sometimes
      > split the lectures to just focus on C or B issues,
      > other times I will teach things that are new and
      > pertinent to all. For example, we will start the
      > term shooting a chase scene. We will also do Foley
      > work and Documentary Shooting exercises.
      > 3) Any ideas about additional courses you'd like to
      > be
      > offered? Maybe short term/ month long classes?
      > Recommendations of possible teachers? Current
      > teachers
      > you'd like to offer more classes? Would you be
      > interested in a certificate in production?
      > Best wishes,
      > Rachel
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