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33Randy Yip

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  • Ry473
    Nov 8, 2005
      Hey everybody whats up. i was wondering if anybody from the intro or
      intermediate class has any information on any small privately owned
      diners, coffee shops, or restaurants in the berkeley, emeryville, or
      close by oakland areas preferably that arent officially opened until
      11 or noon. The reason i ask is to secure a convenient and low risk
      location for one scene of my shoot which is to take place within a
      diner like setting. If anybody has any info whatsoever please email
      me at this address. Id really appreciate it. Thanks

      To all the crew who i have asked to be on my team for this project,
      i will schedule a meeting for all of us to get together and discuss
      all the things we need to discuss which include the class shoot as
      well as what the future will hold for the rest of the movie. Im
      trusting in all of you to do some great work on this project and im
      sure you guys will be up for it. I feel this is not just my project
      but all of yours as well and i feel i couldnt have gotten a more
      dependable crew than i have now. I really want you all to know how
      happy and grateful i am that i am working with all of you. Its gonna
      be alot of fun but alot of work so i hope you guys are up for it.
      Talk to you soon
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