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102Intermediate Class Monday September 11

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  • rachel mercy
    Sep 8, 2006
      Hi Intermediate students,

      Just a note to let you know we will be having two
      guest lecturers in class on Monday; both accomplished
      cinematographers. Marissa Aroy, who is co-teaching
      the intro class w/ me, will visit in the morning.
      Natalie Newman, who has been working as a D.P. and
      Lighting Designer will come in the afternoon.

      Monday, I am shooting a pro bono piece for Women in
      Film but will be in class for the first few hours in
      the morning and return for the latter part of lab.

      In terms of the Agenda, please bring your project
      proposals and scripts so that we can hunker down to
      planning the term. I hope to begin making our
      shooting schedule in the morning. I also hope to
      familiarize you with more advanced settings and issues
      on our cameras. To that end, if you're interested, I
      will have my Panasonic HD camera w/ me so we can
      check it out and compare it to the Class DVX cameras
      which it shares many similarities with.

      Thank you all; I had just a marvelous time with you
      during our first class. I am thrilled to be working
      with you; it's a joy.

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